OC Weekly on Western Mini Festival @ Alex's Bar 2014

It’s back to the roots this Saturday at Alex’s Bar as Hillgrass Bluebilly and tons of their twangy friends take over for a mini-fest—that means lots of bands, but no three-hour drive or parking hassle—featuring aggressively idiosyncratic strains of country music. LA’s Spindrift make soundtracks for films that don’t quite exist yet, like some kind of cosmic combo of Ennio Morricone and the Fifth Dimension Byrds, while fellow top-of-the-billers Restavrant start whereHasil Adkins left off and head toward high-volume insanity. Plus, you also get the well-loved RT n’ the 44s, Good Luck Thrift Store Outfit, Sam OutlawCal King and the Sumner Brothers. Hootin’ encouraged, hollerin’ mandatory. 
Sat., April 26, 5 p.m., 2014